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GDPR Myths and Responsibilities


Cysure and our partner EnterpriseRed have many years of Cyber Security experience between us and we would like to invite you to a webinar looking at GDPR and the challenges to business. To become GDPR compliant does not need to be complicated or highly expensive.

This Webinar will take 45 minutes with extra time allotted for questions.

Topics covered are :-

Human firewall

The UK Information Commissioners Office report that 87% of breaches were down to human error or poor decision making.

There are simple and effective measures that can be taken that will also provide security continuity as staff and contractors change.

This is your first line of defence and a low-cost way of preventing breaches.

Continuity of security

In all organisations pressure of work or staff turnover can lead small but critical tasks to be missed and leave you vulnerable to data breaches.

Your Cyber Security is a living entity.

When to engage consultants

There will be gaps in knowledge and skills.

By understanding clearly when and where you need outside help and what is required reduces costs.

Executive oversight

Senior Board Members have legal responsibility but do not have Cyber Security skills.

It is vital they have the ability to have an overview of compliance in a way the is easy to follow, understand risk and to take action to remedy.

CIO / CISO Cyber Security and GDPR Business Risk


Recent experience for large enterprises shows that security breaches result in high costs of remediation, loss of customers and future business.

Where a loss of personal data results the ICO is now regularly imposing significant fines generating the publicity that generates reputation damage. Similar fines are levied by authorities in regulated industries.

Effective Cyber Security requires continuous effort as the nature of threats is evolving, so it is vital that key activities such as regular risk reviews, staff training and awareness and basic cyber hygiene such as software patching are part of “business as normal” activity. The board also needs to monitor risk, ensure that board directives are being followed and take action when they are not.

An organisation that puts in place appropriate protections, follows its process and maintains audit records to show that it is doing the right thing can significantly reduce the likelihood of a breach and fines or reputation damage if a breach occurs.