Manage your business safely and avoid cyber threats

Activating CySure's unique Virtual Online Security Officer (VOSO) get your business on the road to becoming both cyber-secure and GDPR compliant for just £1 or $1 per user per month!

May 17 ,2017 London, England

CySure's SaaS-based VOSO is a unique, pragmatic and affordable solution for SMBs in the fight against cybercrime.

Founded in 2015, CySure's VOSO is being launched after two years in development.

Joe Collinwood, CySure's CEO and co-founder, says, "Protecting a small business from Cybercrime is now an urgent issue for the economy. We recognize the typical SMB is already stretched beyond capacity and is struggling to deal with cybersecurity. The arrival of CySure mean SMB's can protect themselves the same as a large corporation might, but at a fraction of the cost it normally takes."

CySure has recently completed several field tests and installations with early adopters to demonstrate the effectiveness of VOSO for SMBs. CySure is now available in both the UK and the United States.

CySure believes VOSO is set to become the standard for executing a continual cybersecurity process allowing senior executives to easily monitor and oversee a cyber risk mitigation strategy.

What SMBs need is a simple and inexpensive way to create, implement and enforce cybersecurity security policies and procedures with the minimum of resources.

The advantage over competitors is that CySure's SaaS VOSO is inexpensive, makes it easy to implement standards-based security policies and procedures, quickly builds a breach response plan, and paves the way for cyber insurance optimization.

The ransomware program WannaCry that recently attacked computers in more than 150 countries has left small and medium-sized businesses scratching their heads and wondering what to do to protect themselves. The Government offers little practical help for the smaller enterprise. Virus checkers, anti-malware software and firewalls afford only so much safety. The heart of the problem of risk mitigation is not technology but human behavior.

CySure's approach is to take complex Government standards such as NIST and Cyber Essentials and deploy a Virtual Online Security Officer that automatically translates the selected standard into a simple to follow solution containing the related policies for the business owner. The service guides executives to which part of their compan's cybersecurity plan needs attention and translates this information into clear, actionable steps. The VOSO continues to monitor a company's performance against the selected standard.

CySure's VOSO allows leadership to understand what to focus on to successfully guard against 80% of all cyber-attacks. CySure understands that some breaches cannot be prevented, so CySure complements their solution with a breach response plan and optimized insurance.

CySure's VOSO creates an audit trail that enables senior executives to easily demonstrate adherence to the highest government standards and that management is discharging its fiduciary responsibility to protect the assets of their company.

CySure believes many SMBs are struggling either to become HIPAA compliant or maintain that accreditation as well as become cyber secure. As a result, CySure plans to initially market its product in highly regulated industries where HIPAA compliance is mandatory as Cyber Essentials and HIPAA share many similar requirements.

CySure is a start-up with headquarters located in Fair Oaks, California and an office in London.

  CySure is a start-up with headquarters located in Fair Oaks, California and an office in London.
  CySure's website is

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