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Activating CySure's unique Virtual Online Security Officer (VOSO) get your business on the road to becoming both cyber-secure and GDPR compliant from just £1 or $1 per user per month!

We identify your weaknesses, so you avoid risk!

Regularly patching your systems is an integral part of GDPR and Cyber Essentials.
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Any organization conducting business over - or even just connected to - the internet is in jeopardy of a network-based attack stemming from a vulnerability within a connected system. Every day, new vulnerabilities are announced by hardware and software vendors. Vulnerabilities are errors in the code that make up the operating ystem or application you are using that criminals exploit to get access into your systems. Once in, they can steal your data or encrypt your information systems for ransom. Regular vulnerability scanning and patching of systems is essential to protect your organization from being breached.

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